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Landscape Services Stillwater, OK At Prairies Edge Landscaping, we believe that every landscape is different and understand that every homeowner has specific ideas about the types of irrigation systems they want installed. Our personalized approach and customized services have helped us build a very solid customer base in Cleveland, Cushing, Drumright, and Maramec.

We also have a large number of clients in and around Morrison, Pawnee, Perkins, and Perry, and have successfully completed projects in Stillwater, Yale, and the surrounding areas. The ranges of services we provide include:

Design & Build

We are a company that offers start to end design and build services and can provide excellent solutions such as master planning of landscapes, drainage solutions, softscape and hardscape installation, irrigation system installation, water features, fire features and all types of masonry installations. The best materials are used in the work and our technicians work diligently to ensure you get stunning landscaped spaces that last for a very long time. We handle end-to-end project management and ensure the entire landscaping project progresses smoothly. Read More About Design & Build >>

Outdoor Living Spaces

Your yard areas can be made more functional with the addition of various outdoor living features. We have the expertise and experience to design and install outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, poolscapes, pergolas and more. These are designed creatively and we make sure that the styling complements the various architectural elements of your home and yard spaces. These features add to the functionality, aesthetics, and value of your property. Read More About Outdoor Living Spaces >>

Retaining Walls

Landscapes have walls in one or the other form and these features are a common component of most of the landscape projects we handle. If you need any walls built in your existing landscape, we can do that too. The different types of walls we can construct include retaining walls, boundary walls, demarcating walls, garden walls as well as walls with inbuilt seating and planter spaces. We engineer these features to perfection in order that they perform the function they have been designed for. Read More About Retaining Walls >>


Concrete paving is an excellent flooring option for the outdoor areas of your property. We can install interlocking concrete paving on your driveways, pathways, walkways, patio, deck, pool, entranceways, courtyards etc. These pavers are available in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns and have to be installed on a bed of compacted sand. The maintenance is easy and they last for a number of years without any trouble. Read More About Pavers >>

Water Gardens & Features

The one way to create a well-balanced landscape is to ensure that the different features are all used in the right measure. We recommend the use of water features in a landscape as these installations lend serenity and freshness to the space. We can install fountains, waterfalls, streams and Koi ponds based on the styling of your landscape and your specific preferences. Since all these features are custom designed for you, they fit in beautifully with the design aesthetic of your landscape and add to the value of your property as well. Read More About Water Gardens & Features >>


Irrigation is a very important aspect of any landscaping project. We offer the latest and most advanced landscape irrigation technologies such as better sprinkler head construction as well as drip irrigation systems. Our experts can also install sensors that measure rainfall, wind, and temperature and various products that effectively program your irrigation schedules. We install automated sprinklers in a very planned fashion so that all your lawn spaces get the amount of water they need at the right intervals. The best irrigation systems are used in the work and the installation is carried out expertly too. Read More About Irrigation >>


When we handle landscape design and installation projects, we incorporate various features such as plants, natural stone elements, water & fire features as well as different types of outdoor accents that greatly enhance the appearance of your landscape. In addition to these, we can also install various masonry features, boundaries, pathways, walkway and driveways as these are essential design elements of a landscape. We have expert designers on board who work closely with you to ensure your yard is exactly as you envisioned it to be. Read More About Landscapes >>


Once you have gotten your landscape designed and installed by experts, you also need to make sure that it is maintained well. We are the expert landscapers that provide custom landscape maintenance services based on the types of features you have in the outdoor areas of your property. We handle everything from mowing, aeration, de-weeding and pest control, to trimming, pruning and more. We also maintain all the irrigation and drainage features to ensure they are functioning as they should. This regular attention and care and the use of specialized, environmentally-friendly gardening products ensures the longevity and beauty of your landscape. Read More About Maintenance >>

For any more information about our services or to discuss your project details, feel free to contact us at 405-372-2551. You can also send us your queries via this online form.
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