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The landscaping on your property lends a distinctive look to your overall property. When it is designed, installed and maintained very well, you will be more encouraged to use these areas. In addition to regular maintenance, you need to ensure that all the softscaped areas of your property are watered at regular times each day. Regardless of whether you have a small garden or an expansive landscape with vast lawn spaces, all the living features on your property will need to be irrigated well.

At Prairies Edge Landscaping, we believe that every landscape is different and understand that every homeowner has specific ideas about the types of irrigation systems they want installed. Our personalized approach and customized services have helped us build a very solid customer base in Cleveland, Cushing, Drumright, and Maramec.

We also have large number of clients in and around Morrison, Pawnee, Perkins, and Perry, and have successfully completed projects in Stillwater, Yale, and the surrounding areas. Proper watering is essential to the health of your landscape. There are many companies that install sprinkler system with the main goal of maximizing the water available and producing a low price estimate.

Irrigation Design and Planning

We design our systems around the specific needs of the landscape. We look carefully at all the elements that affect each area of the property and plan accordingly. Our goal is the continued health of your landscape and insuring you will not be pulling hoses again. In most cases, irrigation installations are a component of a broader landscape design and build project. But we also provide excellent irrigation system upgrade and replacement services.

If you feel that the trees, plants and lawns on your property aren’t being adequately watered, simply give us a call. We will immediately send out our experts to your property. They will survey the landscape and what type of plantings and other softscaping you have and will assess whether the current system is appropriate or not. They will also have detailed discussions with you to understand what your ideas, requirements and budget are; you can rest assured that we will keep all these aspects in view while providing any irrigation design solutions.

Irrigation Technologies We Use

We offer the latest technologies offered in our industry. These technologies include:

  • Better head construction
  • Drip systems
  • Sensors that measure rainfall, temperature and wind
  • Products that program your irrigation schedule for you

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

There are both manual and automated sprinkler systems to choose from; but we recommend you opt for the latter as these offer more convenience than the manual installations. Automated sprinklers are connected to timers that can be set to the desired schedule. The plantings will then get watered at those times of the day and will continue to look green and stay healthy due to the regular watering schedule.

We work meticulously and install all the garden irrigation systems expertly. The best materials and workmanship are used in the work which ensures the installations function well for a long time without any glitches. If you are looking for custom irrigation services, we at a Prairies Edge Landscaping are the company to come to.

While we never compromise on quality you will find our landscape irrigation costs to be very reasonable and this provides you value for money. For any more information about our services or to discuss your project details, feel free to contact us at 405-372-2551. You can also send us your queries via this online form.

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